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Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation No.: 3320250.
Parents Guidelines  


The School will not achieve its objective of imparting education unless the parents extend their unreserved co- operation. The early years of the child are the most formative ones and only th co-operative efforts of both the teachers and parents can help children to cultivate healthy habits and disciplined attitude towrads life.

Parents are requested to help their children with small things at home nad this will enable them to learn at school without fear or tears.

  1. Help the child to bring the required books and excercise books daily to the School. These should be properly covered with brown paper with the name, class & subject written with a pen. The brown paper should be changed when torne or untidy.
  2. Check the child's school dairy daily and thake the writing of the teacher(s) seriously. Unattended notes of the teachers not only discourage them but also make your child careless and unmindful of the school as well as ho,e discipline. Each such note of the teacher should be signed and proper action should be taken thereof willingly.
  3. Encourage the child to talk to you in English and in Hindi.
  4. Help the child to come to the school in proper uniform. Make sure that his/ her shoes are properly polished.
  5. In case child has to remain absent from the School, send an application well in time.
  6. Teach the child good etiquettes and manners.
  7. Teach the child sense of responsibility by giving him/ her some responsibilities at home.
  8. If you have any serious problem with your child at home, inform to us, perhaps we can solve it together.
  9. Make it habit to take the child out withall other members of the family at least once in a month. It only entertqains the child but also makes him/ her aware of his/ her surroundings.
  10. School is yours and any problemconcerning education of your child should be brought to the notice of the Class Teacher/ Principal without hesitation.
  11. Always refer to the annual calander for the parents teachers meetings and find time to attend them. Coming to meet the teachers on days other than the parents teachers meeting days creates problems for the school. Please avoid this at all cost.
  12. Parents must not go to the class rooms  to see the child for handling him/ her over anything. Such things should be left with gate security guard who will take it to the Principal.
  13. School doesnot beleive in corporal punishment to the child for indiscipline, for not doing the work regularly or even misbehaviour or serious misconduct. As a practice a note is sent to the parents in dairy as a corrective measure in all such cases. In case of habitual delinquency, the school will resort to fine and in an extreme case parents may be requested to withdraw such children from the school.
  14. Parents please ensure that all articles and personal belongings of the child bear his/ her name, class, section etc. The school will not be responsible for unmarked articles claimed by a wron person. Also if lost articles are not claimed within a week, the school will not be responsible for them.
  15. A minimum advancew notice of 24 hours in a form of written application to the office is imperative for issuing any certificate. Such certificates are, however , issued ony during the woring hour on school days after verifying the clearance of all dues.
  16. Parents are requested not ot give any money to the peons/ aya. If in emergency this to be resorted to, please insist on its receipt from the class teachersthrough the school dairy.
  17. Private tuitions by the school teachers are discouraged.Parents are requested not to approach them for this purpose.
  18. Please do not insist on taking your child from school during school hours. He/she may kept at home if his. her precense is required their.
  19. In emergency child will be allowed to go home when desired by the parents only with the person who is authorised by them in writing.
  20. Please remember D.A.V. College Managing Committee is a voluntary organisation and depends on your charitable deposition for the development ofthe school. Your generous donation for its development programmes and helping the needy ones will be thankfully accepted.
  21. All donation give to D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi, are exempted under Income Tax.


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